Dog Island Motu Piu Charitable Trust has been incorporated as a first of its kind in New Zealand since the Department of Conservation restructure. The restructure emphasises the importance of partnerships between the public and private sectors. The key objective of the trust is kaitiaki of the land, heritage and environment of Dog Island Motu Piu.

Nine independent business leaders have been appointed as trustees to work on the restoration, protection and public education project.

Working collectively as caretakers of the island, the trustees intend to research opportunities to restore and protect the island’s history and environment while engaging the local community.

Ecological Potential

The island is uniquely predator free giving it great potential to become a refuge for endangered species. The island also offers opportunities to undertake conservation restoration to establish greater stocks of native flora and fauna.

Eco-tourism potential

The island offers opportunities for eco-tourism and specialist interest groups seeking lighthouse history and genuine experiences of New Zealand sites of historical importance. If carefully managed there is potential to develop commissionable eco-tourism product.

Preservation of History

The island has centuries of Maori occupation as a place of habitation, kai moana gathering and stone tool making. European history on the island is also significant, with the establishment of the lighthouse that housed permanent lighthouse keepers until its eventual automation in 1989. The island’s archaeological history also holds importance to both Maori and European cultures.

Restoration of Infrastructure

Existing plant and buildings on the island need to be preserved. There are opportunities to develop infrastructure to enhance visitors’ experience of Dog Island Motu Piu; walkways, information plaques or other forms of communication to share the island’s historical and ecological values.